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Unlock the power of solar energy in Derby with Kimble Solar! Our expertise lies in customising and installing solar panel systems for residential properties, enabling you to cut expenses and reduce your environmental footprint. Embrace your own clean, sustainable power source with our solutions, ensuring reduced energy costs and potentially increasing your property’s value.

Solar Panels on Roof

Read one of our Case Studies near Derby

Explore our case study showcasing the exceptional work of our solar panel installers in Derby. With extensive expertise in the renewable energy sector, our team in Derby consistently delivers tailored solar installations, transforming energy consumption for homeowners and businesses in the region.

Located near Derby, this customer opted for an in-roof solar panel system. This system features PV panels that seamlessly integrate with the roof tiles, ensuring a sleek, unobtrusive appearance. Ideal for those seeking a discreet look on their roof without sacrificing space for a ground-mounted system, this option offers a more understated aesthetic compared to traditional on-roof systems.

Examples of Our Solar Panel Installations

Embracing the uniqueness of every customer, we craft bespoke designs and quotes to perfectly suit your needs. Dive into some illustrative examples below to see some of the possibilities:

Solar Panel System Across Roof of Building - Maidenhead

Small Property

– Low energy consumption

– 3,000 kWh per year

– Bird proofing

– Online monitoring portal

– Fully installed

– MCS documentation

Solar Panel System Across Roof of Building - Maidenhead

Medium Property

– Medium energy consumption

– 5,000 kWh per year

– Bird proofing

– Online monitoring portal

– Fully installed

– MCS documentation

Medium Sized Solar Panel Installation
Medium Sized Solar Panel Installation
Large Solar Panel System Right Roof

Large Property

– Large energy consumption

– 8,000 kWh per year

– Bird proofing

– Online monitoring portal

– Fully installed

– MCS documentation

Large Solar Panel System Right Roof

What Our Customers Think

Your Questions, answered:

What is the impact of shading on solar panel performance?

Shading on solar panels can significantly reduce their efficiency and overall power output.

Even a small amount of shade on just one part of the panel can decrease the performance of the entire system because it affects the flow of electricity through the connected cells. To ensure that you are maximising the benefits of your solar system, it is crucial to assess potential shading issues before installation.

If you’re concerned about shading on your property or want to optimise your existing system, our team can help assess and adjust your setup.

Contact us to schedule a site evaluation and optimise your solar panel placement for maximum efficiency.

What should I know about solar panel warranties?

Solar panel warranties are crucial as they protect your investment in solar technology. Most manufacturers offer two types of warranties: a performance warranty that usually covers 25 to 30 years and guarantees a certain level of electrical production over time, and a product warranty that typically lasts 10 to 12 years and covers defects in materials or workmanship.

Understanding the specifics of these warranties can help you make an informed decision about which panels to purchase and from whom. Contact us today for more details on solar panel warranties and assistance in choosing the right panels with the best warranty terms.

Reach out to us on 01494 623 001 for assistance in understanding solar panel warranties and choosing the right panels for your home.

How does net metering work for solar systems?

Net metering is a billing mechanism that allows homeowners with solar systems to send excess electricity generated by their panels back to the grid in exchange for credits. During periods when your panels produce more electricity than you use, the surplus is fed into the grid, and your utility account is credited based on the amount of power supplied.

These credits can then be used to offset your future electricity bills, particularly useful during times when your system produces less electricity. Net metering policies vary by location, so it’s important to check the specific rules and benefits offered in your local area. If you have questions about how net metering can work for you or want to get started with a solar installation, our team is ready to guide you through the process.

Get in touch with us to learn more about net metering and how it can reduce your energy bills.

We can help you significantly reduce your energy bills and environmental footprint!

Transform your property with Kimble Solar; our solar panel solutions harness clean energy, reduce dependence on the grid, and deliver substantial savings on your utility bills. This smart investment pays off in just 5 years, ensuring long-term financial benefits.

Experience the advantages of our premium products and top-notch service for a secure investment. Our solar panel consultants in Derby customise a system to maximise your returns. Explore our comprehensive approach, from initial consultation to professional installation, backed by accredited technicians and industry-leading warranties on our solar panels.

Embark on your sustainable journey with a complimentary consultation. Invest in a greener future by partnering with Kimble Solar today.

Contact us to get started with your free consultation

We will evaluate your property, design the system, and carry out a professional installation. Invest in clean energy for a brighter future with Kimble Solar today.

Other Ways To Save

Although selling surplus energy back to the grid may provide some returns, our preferred approach is to optimise your energy savings by reallocating excess energy within your home. This includes storing surplus solar energy in a battery for future use, powering your electric vehicle, and heating your water.

Explore further details about the additional products we offer to enhance your savings below:

Hot Water Diverter

Looking to trim your gas expenses? Picture this: with a hot water diverter, surplus energy finds a new purpose—keeping your hot water tank toasty. Not only does it ease your reliance on conventional energy, but it also offers a holistic strategy to slash your overall energy costs.

EV Charging

Opting for an EV charger with solar-charging capability puts you in the driver’s seat of sustainable transportation. During daylight hours, your vehicle charges up for free, soaking in the sun’s energy. When the day is done, switch to affordable overnight electricity, ensuring your car stays powered up and eco-friendly round the clock.

Why Choose Us as Your Solar Panel Installers in Derby?

Explore why customers in Derby rely on Kimble Solar as their comprehensive solution for installing clean, renewable solar energy.

5-Star Reviews Across Google and Trust Pilot

Our dedication to exceeding expectations shines through in every interaction. We strive to offer a seamless and enjoyable experience as you embrace renewable energy solutions.

Transparent Communication

Throughout our collaboration, from the initial consultation to the final installation, we uphold transparent and clear communication, ensuring you are informed at every stage of the process.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Our installations exclusively feature premium products and adhere rigorously to the highest safety standards, ensuring the reliability and long-lasting performance of your solar system.

Savings Guaranteed

Achieve significant savings on energy bills, reduce environmental impact, and decrease reliance on utility companies with our tailored solar solutions.

Family-Run Business

With our roots dating back to 2011, our family-owned solar installation business is built on a foundation of pride and commitment. Our foremost priority is customer satisfaction, and we consistently aim to deliver exceptional service.

Personalised Service

We refrain from using generic solutions and instead understand the unique aspects of your circumstances. Our approach involves designing a system tailored to fit the specific requirements of your home or business.

Whether you’re ready to embrace sustainability or simply curious to learn more about our services, please give us a call. One of our friendly team members will be delighted to assist you!

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