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Home EV Charging Station Installation

We offer a free home survey to ensure that your existing electrical installation is safe and has enough capacity to support the extra load from charging an electric vehicle. This also helps ensure that the chosen EV charge point is right for your needs and we can give you a firm fixed price with no hidden extras.

Germán Fernández
Germán Fernández
Total Satisfaction! I have been continuously impressed with the professionalism and the outstanding quality of service provided by KimbleTech. From the day we approached the admin team to express our interest in the installation of a solar photovoltaic array, through the sales process, design and installation, every single member of their team has presented him or herself as highly professional, extremely competent and with a clear passion for excellent customer service. From day one, the team kept us regularly informed of the stage of the process we were in and what to expect next. They provided us with a crib sheet describing the different steps of the process, and with accurate dates when we should expect things to happen. We were very pleased to see how they planned the entire installation process to minimize the disruption for the family, with the complete system installed within one day and with the scaffolding “arriving and leaving all within the same week”! There are probably thousands of businesses out there in the solar installation market, but in our view the thing that makes KimbleTech stand out from the pack is that they “listen with empathy”. They truly care about what their customers have to say and they are able to advise competently and professionally, but also to adapt where necessary. Throughout the entire process we felt we could talk to the team and we could discuss alternatives, sometimes we would follow their expert advise with regards to the optimal installation to cover our energy needs whilst maximizing the return of investment, and sometimes their team would accept our preferences with regards to where the cabling, inverter, batteries, etc should be located in order to protect the aesthetics of the property, Perhaps the main reason why it took us so long to make the decision to get our solar panels installed was that we were concerned about how this would ultimately impact the aesthetics of the house. Fast forward in time, I can honestly say that there are many solar PV installations in our town but, hand on heart, none as neat and nicely designed as ours.
Geoff Kerr
Geoff Kerr
We chose Kimbletech because their Sales Consultant Brent explained everything in language we could understand, he was friendly and not pushy and offered us several options for us to consider at reasonable prices. They also have an incredibly thorough brochure which gave us the reassurance that Kimbletech are a professional company with high standards of workmanship.
John Hayday
John Hayday
I’ve had solar panels on the front of the house for 10 years and in that time, they have paid for themselves. However, technology has moved on and I found that I could now generate twice the power from a given number of solar panels. Battery technology has also become more efficient. I approached Kimble Solar with a requirement to replace my existing ten panels on the front of the house and add an additional ten on the rear. At the same time, I wanted to keep my FIT payments, that I had on the original installation going, and add sufficient battery capacity to power the house, including the air sourced heat pump for 24 hours. Kimple came up with a solution that met these requirements, necessitating two inverters running separate parts of the solar panels. From initial planning, the drone survey was useful in checking that the solar panels would clear some roof vents, through build and commissioning the staff at Kimble were great dealing with a couple of issues that arose, somewhat outside their control, in a very professional manner. The work on the roof, including the scaffolding, was the most professional I have had to-date. In guys doing the internal electrical work, particularly Ash, impressed with their attention to detail. My next-door neighbour commenting that he wished they had done his installation. Overall, very happy with Kimble from start to finish of the project. Highly recommended.
Chris Kendall
Chris Kendall
I found Kimbletech on a list of local installers for the MyEnergi Zappi electric vehicle charger. Their response to my enquiry was terrific – they quickly returned my call, came to inspect the site, walked me through my options, and got the installation done rapidly and professionally. That prompted me to ask them to quote for my solar/battery installation, a few months later. Again, they really delivered: from working with me to plan and cost the installation, to scheduling and carrying out the work, to the follow-up and after care, the service has been first class. I was particularly impressed at (a) how quick they were – a month from giving the quote to putting my solar panels and batteries in, and (b) their willingness to go the extra mile to find creative solutions to overcome difficulties in sourcing components. The guys were friendly and professional and we have an ongoing relationship with them as they monitor the system, tweaking the software interface for user control. I know that a couple of neighbours have also gone with them based on my experience. I might have found someone to get it done more cheaply, but I’m quite certain I got great value for money by using Kimbletech, I recommend them without hesitation.
Peter Read
Peter Read
We were keen to extend our existing solar installation to incorporate battery storage to make the best use of the power we were generating. Kimble was suggested by a neighbour and our experience was wholly positive as a result. After a detailed survey they came up with a proposal that was tailored to our situation, including the option to save VAT by installing two extra solar panels with micro inverters. Kimble were helpful and understanding when we had to delay because of planning permission issues. But installation then proceeded smoothly and quickly with the whole process being completed in a day or so. The installation team were friendly and professional, adapting the design around an awkward space on our garage roof. After sales support has also been very informative and helpful. We would recommend Kimble highly for solar installations.
Tony Ketley
Tony Ketley
For a long time we had been considering having solar panels installed but were quite anxious about who we would get to do the installation. It is a relatively new industry in which companies operating in have had little time to establish a good reputation. Word of mouth is the most trusted form of recommendation. Very few homes around us had solar installed and the owner of one that had solar didn’t speak well of the installer. We discovered Kimbletech at a green energy exhibition. We learnt they were a family company whose business was growing and were based in an industrial unit in High Wycombe. I visited the unit to satisfy myself that if there was a problem, I knew where to find them. The sales process was informative, with their representative taking time to make sure we understood what was involved and what we were buying. They flew a drone over the house to take images of the roof and the shadows cast by nearby trees. From this they were able to give a detailed costing of the equipment needed and the yield and return on investment. I was sold by the professionalism of this visit. The installation of the major components was completed in a day with one engineer finishing off the following day. Technical support and advice has been available by phone and a visit. I have no qualms in giving this company a five-star rating.
Joanne Nicholson
Joanne Nicholson
We had solar panels and a battery installed by Kimble in the middle of last year. We originally sought quotes from a number of different companies and although Kimble were roughly the same in terms of cost, they really listened to what we wanted and adapted the plan to suit us as well as explaining why they had made their recommendations. We had a rather long wait for planning permission (due to the situation of the panels on our flat roof extension) but Kimble were able to fit around the timescale and were very helpful and responsive to our queries in the meantime. Installation was quick and straightforward. Having had the panels installed in early autumn we are yet to see the real benefit of a solar system in the summer months, however the follow up call with an advisor was really helpful to enable us to maximise our battery usage in the winter. Overall our experience with Kimble was great and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a solar system installed.
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor
We have had a very positive solar panel and battery installation experience with the Kimbletech team. Chris came to our home, explained and designed the optimal system for our house and requirements – and used a very cool drone for the survey. My children were very impressed! Installation was very quickly booked and completed, and the team was punctual, polite and incredibly tidy. We then added an EV charger after the install – again delivered punctually and exactly to our requirements. We did have a challenge with our home wifi coverage and reach to the inverter, which meant that the app kept dropping out, but Rob, the Technical Operations Manager, came out personally to understand the issue and work out a solution. It was a very impressive bit of customer service. We chose Kimbletech because they had a very personal and knowledgable approach from the outset, and this was was consistently evident through prep, install and follow up; the hallmarks of a good company culture. They were local too – an important aspect for us. We wholeheartedly recommend Kimbletech.
If you’re looking to harness the power of the sun in a way that feels effortless and rewarding, look no further than Kimbletech Solar. My experience with them went far beyond a simple installation – it was a seamless journey into clean energy, guided by true professionals. From the initial consultation, the Kimbletech team impressed me with their knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for renewable energy. They took the time to understand my specific needs and circumstances, designing a solar panel and battery system that perfectly fit my budget and roof space. The installation itself was a smooth and efficient affair, performed by a skilled and courteous crew who kept me informed every step of the way. But what truly sets Kimbletech apart is their outstanding aftercare. They haven’t simply sold me a product; they’ve become trusted partners in my eco-conscious journey. Their ongoing support and monitoring ensure my system is operating at peak efficiency, and they’re always just a phone call away if I have any questions or concerns. The impact of switching to solar power with Kimbletech has been immediate and noticeable. My energy bills have plummeted, and the satisfaction of generating my own clean electricity is priceless. It’s a win-win for my wallet and the planet, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Kimbletech’s expertise and dedication. Here are some of the things I particularly appreciated: Professional and knowledgeable team: From sales to installation to aftercare, everyone at Kimbletech is friendly, approachable, and passionate about clean energy. Personalized approach: They don’t push cookie-cutter solutions; they take the time to understand your unique needs and tailor a system that’s right for you. High-quality products and installation: They use top-of-the-line equipment and employ skilled technicians to ensure a hassle-free installation and optimal performance. Exceptional aftercare: They go the extra mile with ongoing monitoring, support, and advice, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. In short, if you’re considering making the switch to solar, I wholeheartedly recommend Kimbletech. They’re not just installers; they’re partners in building a brighter, more sustainable future. My experience with them has been nothing short of stellar, and I have no doubt you’ll feel the same way.
mark bradberry
mark bradberry
I cannot praise Kimbletech enough. From the initial visit by Nick, as opposed to phone calls from other companies, to the install team I have been very impressed with our solar panel and battery installation. Everyone was very friendly and professional and happy to listen to concerns and answer any questions we had. The installation took three days as opposed to two as they came back on the third day and gave a full handover brief explaining how to access information on the App. The scaffolding was put up only a couple of days before the work and taken down very quickly afterwards. Some of our external wiring has been moved because we made an error deciding where it should be placed. This was our fault. However as soon as we asked, Phil from Kimbletech returned and rectified our mistake. If this is an example of their after sales service I am very impressed!

EV Charge Points

We have reviewed the market and selected 3 of the best EV chargers available. All chargers have the required safety and smart features, plus excellent customer service!




Dimensions : 348mm wide x 494mm tall x 156mm deep




Dimensions : 282mm wide x 439mm tall x 122mm deep




Dimensions : 193mm wide x 256mm tall x 106mm deep



Most vehicles are supplied with a charge cable, but if you need a spare or a different length then we can add these into our package.

5m |  8m | 10m | Optional carry bag


Keeps tethered cables tidy.

A popular choice when opting for a socket-only charger as many clients like to keep the cable attached to the socket.


To prevent any unauthorised use of the charger, all smart charge points can be locked using the connected app.

However, many of our clients prefer the assurance of having a physical switch to disconnect the power to the charger.


Where feasible we always recommend that you safeguard your investments with surge

An SPD protects your valuable electronic
devices from a damaging power surge.


For homes with Solar PV, Eddi will direct your surplus solar energy into heating your hot water cylinder. 

This is a sister product to Zappi so it works seamlessly using the same app

Even More Essentials Included

Which EV Charging Product is for me?


We don’t cut corners or compromise on quality, we use the right cable for the job. Where applicable we will fit this high-quality purpose-designed Ultra EV cable.

Due to our vast experience in the Electrical Installation Condition Reporting arena, we have been able to identify the key areas where property’s electrics usually fall short. Our 20-point inspection covers these critical risks as part of our package, so you get the key benefits of an EICR included in our service.
With our 3-year labour warranty you can rest easy in the knowledge that any manufacturer replacements will be installed and tested completely free of charge.
We don’t just wave goodbye at the point of installation. Not us. We stay in touch with all things eco for your home. From the best energy tariffs for home charging to emerging trends in energy efficiency including government grants and initiatives.
We pride ourselves in the respect we show towards the protection of our customers’ properties. All our engineers carry with them a range of property protection equipment. We remove all your waste efficiently and correctly. The only things we leave behind are a shiny new EV charge point and a happy customer.

Charging Speeds

EV chargers are available in different charging capacities. Almost all domestic installations will use a 7kW charge point, but some properties with a three-phase supply could opt for a 22kW charger.

3.6 KW

Single Phase Medium Speed Charge
7 - 21 hours (Full charge)

7 KW

Single Phase Fast Charge
4 - 11 hours (Full charge)

22 KW

Three Phase Very Fast Charge
2 - 4 hours (Full charge)

Why Kimble Home Charge


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System Installation
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OZEV Government Scheme
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Warranty Registration
Customer Property Protection
3 Year Parts Warranty
3 Year Labour Warranty
NICEIC 6 Year Platinum Promise
Compliance Auditing Service
Waste Removal Service
Free Home Survey
Fixed Price Guarantee
20-Point Consumer Unit Health Check


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