10 Year Maintenance Plan
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The Kimle Solar 10 Year Maintenance Plan

The ultimate peace of mind for your solar investment.

The Kimble Solar 10-Year Maintenance Plan (“Maintenance Plan”) offers unparalleled peace of mind for your solar investment. Recognising the substantial nature of your solar panel investment and your expectation of sustained performance over decades, Kimble Solar, a registered UK company with its primary office at Unit 10 HQube, Broom Way, High Wycombe, HP13 5GX, extends this Maintenance Plan to safeguard the longevity and efficiency of your solar PV system.

Coverage Details:

Our maintenance package will cover every nut, bolt and cable of your new solar PV system in the occurrence of any product fault. You will have access to VIP expedited assistance when you need help and labour for the repairs will be free of charge.

Included in the package:

  • Free repair or replacement of any faulty parts under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free call-out for repairs
  • Free labour on repairs
  • Expedited assistance within 48 hours
  • Remote performance monitoring
  • Fault-finding expertise


  1. Monthly Payments: Subscription payments are billed monthly via direct debit and are collected in advance, covering the forthcoming month.
  2. Cancellation Policy: Subscribers may cancel at any time, with coverage remaining in effect until the next scheduled payment date. Partial refunds for mid-month cancellations are not provided for any subscription payments previously rendered.
  3. Late Payments: In the case of late payments, the Maintenance Plan will be rendered inactive until the outstanding balance is settled, and regular payments resume. Non-payment for a period exceeding 30 days will result in the assumption of policy opt-out, leading to plan cancellation.
  4. Third-Party Alterations: The Maintenance Plan becomes null and void if any additions or alterations to the solar system are made by a third party.
  5. Scope of Coverage: The Maintenance Plan exclusively covers defective parts. It does not encompass system damage or acts of nature.
  6. Specific Product Warranties: Various components within the solar package, such as panels, batteries and inverters often carry a 10-year warranty, but some products may carry different manufacturers’ warranty periods. This Maintenance Plan covers labour and manages the manufacturer’s warranty. For instance, products like MyEnergi’s Eddi, Zappi, and Harvi, carry a 3-year manufacturing warranty. If replaced after 5 years, will have labour and callout costs covered. Materials cost falls on the Subscriber as the manufacturer’s warranty would have lapsed.
  7. Price Adjustment: The monthly payment for the Maintenance Plan is subject to inflation. Although every effort will be made to align the price with its present value, adjustments will follow inflation rates. Subscribers will receive 60 days’ advance notice of price changes via email. Cancellation remains an option; however, reactivation of the policy will not be possible.
  8. Transferability: The Maintenance Plan is not transferable to different systems or properties. However, it may be transferred to the new owner if the property is sold, provided the new owner subscribes and assumes the monthly instalments.

How to utilise the service:

For inquiries or system-related issues, please contact us at 01494 623001 or email us at during our operating hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Kimble Solar, Kimble Home Charge and Kimble Smart Home are trading names of Kimbletech Ltd, Company Registration Number 07566047, United Kingdom.

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