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Guarantee Terms and Conditions

We guarantee your solar generation output.

If your system doesn’t perform as we predict, we’ll refund you the shortfall.

Installing solar panels is an investment. We design the optimal system for you and your home, so that this tailored system will earn your installation cost back (and more) in the shortest time possible. At the time of quotation, we not only design the system, but we will also estimate the solar generation output, which in turn, helps us predict how much you will save on your energy bills, your breakeven point and your ROI.

If in the first 12 months post-installation your solar generation falls short of our predictions, we will refund you the difference in electricity bills that you’ve had to pay.

Why are we doing this? Two simple reasons:

    1. We want to instil trust and accountability in the installation process and provide a solid assurance of the performance of your system (and ultimately put our money where our mouth is)!
    2. We put our customers and their satisfaction first. We don’t do what’s easiest for us, we do what’s best for you.

*Solar generation averaged across 12 months data. 10% poor weather tolerance. System must have been plugged in permanently, professionally cleaned at least once during the first 9 months. Refund calculated on difference in generation.



This guarantee is designed to provide customers with confidence that the solar system we install will perform as we predicted, and therefore, be a good investment.

The solar PV system is guaranteed to generate at least 90% of the estimated output in the first 12 months after installation.

If the generation falls short, you will receive a refund for the difference in your excess electricity bills, subject to the below criteria being met.

When to submit a claim:

Customers have a 30-day window during the 13th month after installation to submit a claim if they believe the system has not met the estimated output.

Conditions and Requirements:

The solar panels must have been well-maintained and permanently plugged in for the full 12 months.

Panels must have been professionally cleaned at least once during the first 9 months. (We recommend having your panels cleaned at least 1 times a year for optimal, uninterrupted output)

The guarantee includes a 10% poor weather tolerance.

Acts of God and weather records are considered. Ie if there has been a publicly recorded weather record that would affect generation, (eg ‘The wettest July on record / in 30 years), then the claim is invalid. This guarantee is to assure customers of the quality of our work and products, so we cannot be held accountable if there are extreme adverse weather conditions (publicly acknowledged) that affect generation, as this is outside of our control and would be the case no matter which company installed which solar PV system.

New obstructions (that did not exist at time of quotation) causing shading will invalidate the claim (eg a neighbour’s extension, a new satellite dish).

What information is needed to submit:

To make a claim, you need to provide 12 months of solar generation data, energy statements, and an invoice for a professional solar panel cleaning carried out during the first 9 months.

What will be refunded:

If your evidence indicates you have a claim, we will send out a team member to check your generation meter (hardwired into your system) to validate the claim.

If your solar generation output has indeed fallen below the generation that we estimated upon quotation by more than 10%, and the above conditions and requirements have been met, then you will be eligible for the refund.

The refund amount is based on the difference between the actual solar generation and the estimated generation in kWh.

The refund is based on your stated energy consumption at the time of quotation.

We will use the generation data and your electricity bills to refund you the excess that you have paid over and above what you would have paid had the solar generation estimates been accurate.

If you have panels only and no battery storage, on average only 50% of energy generated is used. The other 50% is goes to the grid (as it is not used or stored), so we will refund 50% of the difference between what has been generated and the 90% threshold. If you have panels and battery storage, the full difference between what has been generated and the 90% threshold will be refunded.


Upon quotation your annual energy consumption is 5,000 kWh. We predict that our solar PV system will generate 5,000 kWh. You opt for panels and battery storage. Over the first 12 months post-installation, your system generates only 3,750 kWh but the panels have been kept clean, plugged in, and there are no new obstructions causing shading on your panels. The 90% threshold is 4,500 kWh therefore generation has fallen short by 750 kWh. We will refund you 70% of the electricity costs incurred from buying 750 kWh off the grid. At an average price of 34p per kWh you would be refunded £178.50 based on the following calculations.

·       90% of 5,000Wh = 4,500kWh

·       4,500kWh – 3,750kWh = 750kWh

·       750kWh x £0.34 = £255.00

If you have any queries, or would like to make a claim, please email

Kimble Solar, Kimble Home Charge and Kimble Smart Home are trading names of Kimbletech Ltd, Company Registration Number 07566047, United Kingdom.

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